Always on trend.

When I was a little girl, I spent a great deal of time with my Grandmother Nell.  Nell wasn’t your typical grandmother, who wore an apron and baked cookies and pies. Instead, she wore a tailored dress (usually navy blue) and peep-toe pumps. Always those peep-toe pumps.

Nell owned a dress shop at the turn of the 20th century, a time when it was very rare for a single woman to run her own business. She sold her shop when she married my Grandfather, the love of her life.

Nine years later, she was a widow in her mid-30s raising two small children. And for the next 61 years (yes, the math is correct), Nell worked in dress shops custom-fitting garments for clients. Nell could dismantle a dress, taking the appropriate nips and tucks or adding fabric here and there so it would fit perfectly. 

Unfortunately, I did not inherit my Grandmother’s talent. I can’t even sew a hem.

What I did inherit was Nell’s love of fabric, cut, fit and fashion. This love led to the opening of my boutique stores, Lesley Jane. When you visit Lesley Jane, you'll find a place filled with fashions in wearable fabrics that feel good and fit comfortably. 

My stores are also a treat for the senses - with colors, textures and silhouettes that I have hand-picked for you. I've tried to make our online store an enjoyable shopping experience, as if you visited Lesley Jane in person. It's a fun place to discover an ever-changing selection of fashions and styles to fit the season. 

Lesley Jane is my ongoing passion. One I’ve shared for a lifetime with Grandmother Nell and now share with you. I hope you enjoy your visit. 

Painting by: Kathy Meade